a multi-services venture company

About Odonata Ltd.

Odonata Ltd started its life as Odonata International in Brooklyn, New York, a graphic design studio, back in 1986. Our goal was to provide a wide range of graphic and print solutions for a small group of clients. In 1995 we reorganized as “Odonata Ltd.” (Limited), expanded our operations and began providing Direct Mail and Marketing services to a range of clients that included bank, educational, financial, general and pharmaceutical advertising clients.

The enterprise has since expanded into a multi-services venture company. We still operate our graphics studio which now includes Web and Presentation services. In addition, we own and operate a Japanese hair salon, that provides stylish and trendy hair design in the heart of New York and are expanding our company into other areas.

In all our ventures our goal is to provide the best services, at fair rates while providing a place where our staff and colleagues can grow.