a multi-services venture company

Odonata Ltd.

Odonata Ltd is a multi-services venture company dedicated to developing a wide range of services and products through various ventures and venues.

Our primary focus has been and remains the development of graphics for various media and the Web. Through our studio we have designed and produced printed materials for a number of clients and have developed various Web sites and presentations for both our clients and our own companies.

We have access to and utilize some great talent; all with an eye to expressing the concepts and intended image of the particular client. Exploring new exploring new possibilities is paramount in a world where technologies and programing is always changing.

Odonata Ltd currently owns and operates a Japanese hair design studio with a focus on presenting the latest styles, trends and products to clients outside of Japan. We have developed and run a photography site dedicated to presenting the world of female body building in an essay form.

Additionally the organization is developing a manga/anime series and a restaurant brand, both of which are expected to launch within the next several years.

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Dates and Events:

1995 Establishment of corporation.

June 1995 Graphic Studio opens in
Jersey City, NJ

January 2000 Studio moved to New York

April 2000 Femmemuscle.com, a pictorial essay, is launched

February 10 2010 Cowlicks Japan, a Japanese hair design studio, opens in NYC

2010 Development of a manga and anime series begins

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